The Perfect Places For The First Date

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When you meet a woman you can take her along two different paths: either you do as all men do or, if not, you risk and try something different. Both paths have their good and bad sides, but every time I have to pick up one, I always go for the difference. Let me explain you why.

The girl you want has probably been approached by already dozens and maybe hundreds of guys. Most of these guys wanted to go out with her and also, probably, make her their new girlfriend. If you want to stand out from all those other men, you got to do something unpredictable, something new. You got to make her live a new experience.

Because of this I strongly discourage taking her to dinner, to the park or for drinks in the first dates. Do something different, something crazy! And the possibilities are endless! Most men feel afraid of approaching something original. Many common arguments include “But we just met”, “That’s too crazy”, “She won’t agree”, etc. Thing is, that’s all bullshit. If she does like you even a bit already, she’ll most surely be excited if what you got it’s a crazy, safe and fun idea. They just love men who do crazy things, right? And they also love to be a part of it, so work for that!
Let me give you a few examples of what I did. You could copy this and do it yourself – But better take it as an inspiration and find which is the best plan for you.

Sheraton Sneak

One day I met this wonderful girl. She was quite cool, a couple years older than me and very beautiful. Lots of men wanted to take her for themselves, so I had to act bold! I called her one day and told her if she wanted to go to the Sheraton’s swimming pool, sauna and all those cool places the hotel has with me. The one problem, I said, was that we would have to sneak our way in. I was positive about it; it would be a funny experience.

She first thought I was joking, but finally agreed to come. Then we did actually sneak in and spent a terrible day in the hotel – It was amazing! She was astonished, excited that couldn’t stop telling people about our adventure and how of a great time we had spent. Still now she keeps telling me how much fun and how it exciting it was that day – She’ll never forget it!

Football Match

Football (which in some places is called by the name ‘soccer’) is a huge thing in Argentina. A football match is a rollercoaster of colors, songs, craziness and pure emotion. Such an amazing atmosphere it’s nowhere else to be seen and, thus, it’s no coincidence that The Guardian, one of the top British newspapers has chosen the Argentinean league’s flagship match as the #1 sporting thing you must seen before you die.

This incomparable atmosphere makes it tempting to take women there too. It’s a unique opportunity for them to see something new, special and that they have never seen. Even if they don’t like football, all of them will be overwhelmed by the feeling in the stadium. They will never forget and, thus, won’t forget you either. After a match they are always excited, happy and much more willing to open up and share emotions and ideas than during a normal date.

As you can see, these were two exciting, unconventional and totally different dates. Perhaps the most exciting ones these girls ever had. It wasn’t even a proper date. The whole atmosphere made the whole boy meets girl scenario much more secondary, in favor of stronger emotions and more fun.

Girls love the unpredictable, so you should be better willing to give it to them. You’ll generate respect, recognition and it will also be a perfect moment for you to inspire. It’s an opportunity to make the girl you want live a more fun, exciting and charming life. Unless you make one terrible mistake on the way, this is really the way to go! You just need the guts to do it.
Which are your usual plans for the first dates? Let us all know and let’s think together about new excellent ideas!